team byte is specialised in the design and installation of PC and PLC software for industrial automation, and is able to meet the multiple needs of production processes in various fields, from food, to bottling, to chemical, to pharmaceuticals.

In addition to the hardware and software design of new industrial plants, the company deals with “revamping” processes, i.e. the total or partial reconversion of existing plants – now become obsolete – through the development of ad hoc systems that optimize their performance.

The know-how and professionalism of Team Byte are addressed both to manufacturers of industrial plants and to companies that use them, always offering efficient and cutting-edge solutions that aim to increase profitability, reduce production costs and/or to increase the quality of the products.


Here you can see all the companies where we have carried out our activities. You will discover that there is not an experience that is the same as the other. The beauty lies in proposing, from time to time, the right solution based on the needs of those we meet.

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